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Ultrasonic Security System

142417 views • 131 comments • 179 respects

Bluetooth Controlled Car

744412 views • 600 comments • 409 respects

Using DHT11

182815 views • 87 comments • 51 respects

Autopilot Drone

113097 views • 536 comments • 171 respects

Measure Heart Rate and SpO2 with MAX30102

301850 views • 151 comments • 239 respects

Arduino Lie Detector

169223 views • 122 comments • 153 respects

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White Mountains Regional High School

Discover how this school is working with remote sensing applications that allow them to do things like automate lighting, regulate temperature, adjust humidity, and check on the greenhouse from their phones.

Industry 4.0

Smart ovens take a leap into the future

How a strong partnership and the Arduino Portenta Machine Control led historical company Rinaldi Superforni to revolutionize their business