I'm a electronic engineer and my experience is focused in digital signal processing and digital image processing. I have worked as researcher and developed engineer in the followings projects: Digital Signal processing area. -Algorithm Design oriented the Frequency Variability study with spectral analysis of irregularly sampled data, using DSP. -Design and development of Electrocardiographic Holter Device. -Design and development of Electrocardiographic System oriented to Tele medicine aplication. -Algorithm Design of Adaptive Filters for Function Transfer Estimation, using DSP. -Nonlinear analysis of the EEG using entropy calculation. -Digital system for effective quantification of the heartbeat instant. - Heart Rate variability descriptors. Embedded System implementation. Digital Image Processing. -Quality Control in Plastination process of Tissues. -Human face characterization using texture analysis. - Metal Surface Analysis using texture analysis. Firmware Engineer: - Firmware using 8 bits microcontroller for obstruction lights. - Faults detection in LED systems. - User graphic interface for testing and calibration. SKILLS. Embedded systems. C+ languaje. Matlab. Digital Signal Processing. Digital Image Processing. Biomedical Instrumentation. Bio-signal data acquisition. Data Processing Architectures design. Using Matlab. Data filtering using Free Software (Processing).